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Who We Are

MISSION STATEMENT: Lion Pride – Nothing Less Than Success


A lion us any current or former  student or faculty member. Once a  Lion, always a Lion! 


1) A Lion Pride is groups of lions.  We are all here at Lake to lift each  other up and learn from each other.

2) Pride is a feeling that occurs when a  lion knows they have done there best.  Sometimes, this feeling also comes  from surprising ourselves with how  much we have learned, grown, and  overcome as an individual and a group. 


No Thing. In each and every  effort throughout each and every day,  Lions are expected to do their best at  all times. There may be assignments or  activities we enjoy less than others,  but we still have to do our best. 

Less Than Success:

Each and every  lion is special and a blessing on our  pride. Each one of us have talents and  strengths that will benefit our  community and future. Success comes as we do our best each day and grow  into a person that we are proud to be.  


1. Our students are the best and we will  propel them to academic success.  

2. We need the support and backing from  our entire community to be successful. 

3. Our students have the right to a world class education that prepares them for  their future. 

4. Students have a right to learn in a  classroom that is free of disruption and  interruption.  

5. Our school environment must be safe,  clean, and organized to promote student  success.  

6. We are preparing our students to lead in  a society that is and will be technology rich and centered.  

7. We must provide opportunities for  parental involvement and support  communication between all members of  the community.  

8. Our educational program is strengthened  through the incorporation of the arts. 

9. Students, parents, community members,  faculty and staff each have a  responsibility to implement and continually support the school’s vision,  mission, and beliefs.